Monday, March 29, 2010

DR. Citron

I made it to work today and I seem to be functioning! I had my appointment with Dr. Citron. He is usually running on time so I can go on my lunch. He congratulated me on finishing the treatment. It was actually pretty difficult. I am still fighting off side effects. He said my counts are pretty low and that I need to take iron (again).

He is sending me to an opthamologist because of a weird side effect that I had. I got this blue flashing light in my right eye. It kind of looked like how your eye responds when you look at a bright light. The only problem is that I didn't look at a bright light. It was blue and flickering and took up almost the whole field of vision in my right eye. If I closed my eye it was still there. It lasted a few hours but then went away and it hasn't come back. Dr. Citron said it could be from the taxotere but it is certainly not a common side effect. It could also be a migraine, even without a bad headache. (I didn't know you can have migraines without bad headaches. He says yes.) It could be something completely different so he wants me to get my eye checked to rule that out. My guess is that it is from the chemo. Taxotere has tons of neuro side effects and I seem to have gotten them all.

My knees and elbows are pretty swollen. He thinks it should go down soon. My right elbow is particularly bad. I am having trouble picking things up. If I have a small soda I am ok but if I have a large I need two hands to hold it. I can't pick a large soda up with just my right hand. He thinks it should resolve soon. I hope so because I am going to need to carry things in the airport on Thursday.

I had a small lump under my right breast. He checked that and said it was scar tissue from the reconstruction. That was a load off. He said the cancer is very unlikely to recur while it is actively being treated. He said that is why so many people get very depressed when their chemotherapy ends. I am not depressed that chemo is over. I am thrilled and I will be even happier when I start feeling better. I have herceptin until December and I am unlikely to recur while that is ongoing too. Maybe when that is over I will get depressed, but somehow I doubt it. I just want my life back.

I don't have to see Dr. Citron again for 3 months. I have to get the herceptin every three weeks. I also have to go for another MUGA scan in April. They have to make sure the herceptin is not effecting my heart. My MUGA scans have been great so far.

Thanks everyone for all the support. I could not have gotten through this without everyone's help. And, I still have a full head of hair!!!!!!!

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