Monday, June 25, 2012

Official Beta HCG Results

The blood pregnancy test is officially positive!! The number was 112 and that is 14 days post ovulation. They will do another test on Wednesday to make sure everything is doubling as it should and then they will schedule the first sonogram.

I am very excited!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Tierney sent me this picture!!!! The official blood test is tomorrow, but this looks pretty good!!!

Blood Test Tomorrow

Tierney will have her blood tested tomorrow to see if she is pregnant. I am keeping my hopes up.

I went to see Dr. Marc Citron (oncologist) the other day. He did an exam and drew blood. Everything was fine with the exam and he said they would call within two days if there were any problems with the blood. Specifically, they do tests for tumor markers to see if anything is rising. I have never had high tumor markers. It is hard to say if I ever did since the first time I ever had that test was after my surgery where any tumor was removed. In most cases if there is a recurrence anywhere in the body the tumor markers will rise. I did not hear anything from Dr. Citron's office, no news is really good news. I have to go back to see him again in November.

Julianna and I have been having a good time. We went to Walt Disney World last month, Sesame Place this month, lots of beach trips, parks and the movie Brave last night. We pack a lot in. She has gotten so easy to do things with I sometimes wonder if I am crazy to add another baby. But, then she tells me how she wishes on stars and prays for a baby so I think it is the right thing to do.

I will post when I find out the results of tomorrow's blood test. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two Embryos Transferred Today!

Tierney had the embryo transfer this morning. The embryologist called me to say the embryos thawed well and were considered "good" quality. Not excellent, but good.

Julianna and I were at her t-ball carnival and she received her trophy. While we were there Tierney was in Texas having the transfer. She called me, pretty groggy from the valium, saying she was just about to be wheeled into the procedure room.

So now the waiting begins. Since the embryos were at a 6 day stage when they were frozen we will only have to wait 8 days to find out if it worked. I sure hope so!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Embryo Transfer Tomorrow

So tomorrow is the big day!!! Tierney is flying to Texas today for the embryo transfer tomorrow. The doctor should call me just before the transfer to let me know how the embryos look. We are probably going to transfer two, but that depends on the embryo quality.

Keep your fingers crossed!!!!