Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun Day Celebrating Spring

Julianna and I had a great day. We went to White Post Farms. We saw the Easter Bunny. She calls him Big Rabbit. I told her his name is Easter bunny and she just says, "Oh, Big Rabbit". True enough I guess. We also played in a giant sandbox, fed baby goats and sheep, went on a pony ride, a train ride and enjoyed the beautiful 70 degree day.

I like to do something really nice with her the weekend before the chemo because I won't see her at all next weekend. I will be too sick to do much. Tomorrow I start my steroids. Monday is the chemo. The last one!!! I am thrilled that the last one is finally here. I am nervous about it too. Cancer almost never recurs while a person is actively being treated with chemotherapy. Once it stops the risk of recurrence starts too. I will still be getting infusions of herceptin until December so that will help reduce that risk.

They say you can never really say you are cured from breast cancer unless you die in old age of something else. It can be a sneaky little bastard that hides for years and then jumps out of nowhere to let you know it still has some power. I know a lot of breast cancer survivors who are doing great. My stepmother Betty is a ten year survivor. She says you worry less and less about it over time.

I guess life is all about worry. If you have cancer you worry about it coming back. If you don't have cancer you worry that you might get it. You worry about your kids, your bills, your family. Like Gilda Radner said, "It's Always Something."

I hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful day as much as we did!!!

Julianna in the giant sandbox

Julianna on her first pony ride.

Julianna and Big rabbit

More Big Rabbit

Julianna on our couch before we went out

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