Monday, March 15, 2010

Good Weekend

We had a crazy nor'easter this weekend. According to Newsday we had 2.39 inches of rain and 67 mph winds. My whole neighborhood looks like a war zone. Tons of trees are down and all kinds of things were blowing around. We lost power for about 10 hours. Despite all that we actually had a really nice weekend. Julianna and I went to the mall. We played in the indoor playground and saw the koi pond. We ate out and saw the Easter bunny.

On the weekends I feel good it is really important to me that Julianna and I have some fun together and do something special. I find I can do a lot but I have a really hard time getting motivated and getting going. That never used to be an issue for me and I hope it goes away soon. I am feeling a lot better. I am still somewhat achy and have numbness and pain to my hands. My face is puffy and a little yellow. Julianna and I had pictures taken and I kind of freaked when I saw how I look. Somehow in a picture it is so much more obvious than in the mirror. I don't know how long after the chemo it will take for me to get back to normal. My doctor says six months at least. I had planned on about six days. I will still have herceptin infusions every three weeks until December. However, I plan to get moving long before that is over.

My hair is hanging in there. LOL. It really does look pretty good. I did have a minor bit of thinning but nothing much. I am thrilled about that. One more time with the cold caps and I can send them back. I do get a little nauseous when I open the freezer and see them. I am happy that they worked but I will be happy to be finished with them too.

Thanks everyone!!!!

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