Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Repeat sonogram

We lost the baby. There was no heartbeat. :(

Problems in Sonogram

There were some problems with the last sonogram. The baby is not growing as fast as it should be and the heart rate is not as fast as they would like. They are keeping Tierney on bed rest and they are going to do a repeat sonogram. I am hoping all is going to be ok but I realize that this is not a good sign.

THey are going to do a repaet sonogram soon to see what is happening. Keep your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trip to Arkansas

I went to Arkansas to see the sonogram and the baby's heartbeat. It was really great. We were able to see the fetal pole, the yolk sac and the heartbeat. I love my carrier. She is really great. I also loved the OB/GYN. He trained in NY.

I have a picture of the baby. It is on my refrigerator. It can go in the book like Julianna's did.

I did some sightseeing down there too and it was fun. The difficult part was flying down there and back. There are no direct flights so it took all day both days. I flew down early on the 3rd and flew home late on the 4th.

Julianna turned 4 on January 8th. She is thrilled to be 4. She had cupcakes at schook on Monday, complete with pink icing, pink and purple sugar on top and princess candies for decoration. She was thrilled.

Her party with her friends is on the 22nd. We are looking foward to it.

Everything is pretty good here!!! I hope everyone else is having a great time.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Baby's Heartbeat is Strong!!!

Tierney called me after the sonogram. The baby's heartbeat is strong. They think she had a small clot near her cervix and that was the cause of the bleeding. They said she has to be on bedrest for a few days. She said she is off tomorrow and she will stay home Tuesday as well. I am going down there on Tuesday for the sonogram on Wednesday. She said she feels ok but was just tired and hungry.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

I hope this year brings good things. I just recieved a call from my surrogate that she is in the ER cramping and bleeding. :(

I am supposed to go to Arkansas on Tues and Wed for the heartbeat sonogram. Things are not looking so good right now. Please say a quick prayer for the baby and for Tierney (my surrogate) if you can.

She said she is pretty comfortable right now but they are waiting for the sonogram tech to come in. She is going to call me later when she knows more.