Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moving Along

I am still not feeling that great. Usually by this time I am starting to get a lot better. I hope I progress a lot by tomorrow because I really need to go to work. The last time I tried (last week) I wasn't too successful.

Julianna is at the aquarium. I am sure she is having a great time. She does love fish. She is having a great time with Rosanne and Dennis and doing tons of fun stuff. She is trying lots of new things and being spoiled rotten. It is really great but I do miss her.

I can't wait until it is warmer and I am a little better so I can get outside and start walking. I need to get moving and take control a little. Smudge and Julianna love when we go walking. It is really good for everyone. I also need to practice because I am going to walk a 35 mile breast cancer walk in June. It will be a good way to raise money and get in shape.

Thanks everyone for all the support!

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