Monday, March 1, 2010

Chemo #5

Chemo #5 was today. I was really dreading this one. I went to Roosevelt to get the dry ice. The guy who runs that also has a food bank that he runs out of his store. He feeds 130 families. I worked the ambulance in Roosevelt for some time and it is a tough area. There is a lot of poverty and hunger. When I worked there I did a lot of baby deliveries and a lot of shootings. It is about 10 minutes from my house, but I remember thinking, "We're not in Kansas anymore."
It is nice that he takes the time to do the food bank. I bought some things and some of my friends bought some things for me to bring too. I hope to collect more to bring on my last chemo.

My friend Rosanne arrived on time as always. Rosanne and Lori helped me pack the cooler. We left and went to eat before the chemo.

I got there and started the drugs. They drew my blood to check the counts. They are all pretty low, but not low enough to stop the chemo. It is tough when the counts start low because it is a fact that they will go much lower. I also had a period of palpitations and PVCs. They are sure it is from the decadron but want me to follow up with my regular doctor just in case. Other than those things the chemo went pretty well. I felt a little nauseous by the time we were leaving.

We went to the diner on the way home. I had the cold cap on so people were staring a bit. I had some soup since I felt that was all I could handle. We got back to my house where Colleen was staying with Julianna. I got the cold cap off and it sure felt great.

I am chilling out now. I spoke to my Dad and Betty and discussed the possibility of going down there with Julianna for Easter. I am unsure if we can do it but I am going to try.

Thanks everyone for the constant support. It is greatly appreciated. I have a bunch of phone calls and emails to return and I will as soon as I can.

Me holding up the #5 bag. Chemo #5
Closer view

Rosanne and I at the infusion place.

Rosanne and I. My face is super puffy from the steroids.

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