Sunday, February 28, 2010

Getting Ready for #5

Tomorrow is chemo #5. As usual the anxiety leading up to it is overwhelming. I feel pretty good right now despite a lingering cough and cold. This is an opportunistic infection I acquired because of my chronically low white count. It is hard to fight with a gun that is out of ammo. I am not getting completely better before the next chemo. Each time my counts have been lower before the infusion. They told me this would happen. My body is unable to clear it before the next one.

My friend Rosanne is going to come with me again to help with the cold caps. It is really great to have someone there. It is a long day and I am unable to do the cold caps by myself. Everyone who has helped me has been awesome.

I have taken some decadron to prepare. Tomorrow I will drop Julianna off at babysitting, go get the ice, pack the cooler, blanket, pillow and various other items and get ready to go. When I get there they will put a sharp needle in my chest and draw the blood to see if the counts came up enough for me to be able to handle the chemo. I hope they are ok because I do not want to delay my chemo. The faster I do it the faster it will be over.

So, here we go again. There will only be one more after this. I can't wait. Just as I finish spring should be arriving. I will be thrilled. Thanks everyone for all the support.

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