Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting Everything Done, Running Out of Time

The surgical date is getting closer and I have not finished everything I wanted to. There is never enough time. I did get a lot done, lots of medical appointments, made a will, figured out childcare for Julianna, set up consents so the people taking care of her could take her to the emergency room if they had to, visited people, checked on my life insurance, etc, etc. I would like to thank everyone for all the calls, emails, cards, letters, and gifts. You are all great. If I haven't gotten back to you yet I am sorry. I will be in touch with everyone as soon as I can. It has been really hectic and I will never get to everything.

I had the CT angiogram Monday. This test is to map all the vessels the plastic surgeon will need in order to perform the reconstructive surgery. It will also tell if I have any vessel damage from previous abdominal surgeries, appendectomy and c-section.

I got there at 12 noon. They brought me back at 1:15. I am noticing that this is common. No one seems to be running on time.

First they wrapped me in multiple blankets taken directly from the warmer. Pretty cozy. Then they started an IV that they would use to administer the contrast. They had me change into two gowns. One gown open to the front, one to the back. I had to lie on the table and they covered me with more blankets from the warmer. They Had me lie down on a table. Then it slides into a cylindrical thing that spins at a high rate of speed. Occasionally a loud voice will say "hold you breath" and then "breathe". At some point during the test they infuse the contrast. It is done by a machine and the tech doesn't have to come back in. I have had a number of CT scans with contrast. In makes your entire body get warm. I was ready for it but this time it was different. It was not a slow warm feeling. It was super hot immediately and it was hard for me to catch my breath. When the tech came in I asked her why it was like that and she said they infuse it extremely fast so they can get the arterial phase of the vessels. That would have been nice to know so I knew what to expect.

The test wasn't too bad. I won't know anything about results until I go to the plastic surgeon later today.

On my way home from work Monday I had to get a chest xray. It was fast and easy. I am pretty sure I will glow soon if I don't already.

Later today I have to go to the plastic surgeon. This time tomorrow I will be in surgery.

I would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support. It has been really great and I really appreciate it. I love you all!

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