Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Long Day of Discomfort

I was at the hospital all day. At first Mary Ellen was in a lot of pain and we couldn't get more pain medication. Then the nurse, Susan, who has been very gentle and helpful, called the pain management team. They came and assessed her and changed the pain medication and added back the IV Benadryl. I was glad that they were willing to listen to me that so much complaining was wildly out of charachter for her and that I saw a marked personality change which told me the pain was severe.
Mary Ellen's room is across from the office of the nursing manager and she was clearly having a very busy day investigating the series of mistakes that led up to Mary Ellen's loss of the grafted tissue. For a long time I sat in a chair outside ME's room door stopping extranneous entrances to the room, shushing people and guarding her sleep, which was so precious to her. During that time in the hallway it was evident that the staff knows a major incident occurred, and one meeting after another took place across the hall.
We had visits from quality control and other departments which came to get ME's story. I made them come back when she woke up. Dr. Kostroff came to visit. She remains distressed.
I hope to get Mary Ellen home tomorrow and settled in where she can actually sleep.
I will have to fly back to Oregon on Thursday. -Kathleen

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