Friday, October 9, 2009

No Nodes Is Good Nodes!

This is Kathleen here, guest blogger.
Very early this morning I went with Mary Ellen to the hospital. She was in good spirits and strong as always. We went to the surgery area where she changed into hospital garb and waited a while for her surgical team to come and talk to her. Several different advocates and surgical staff came and let her know what to expect and answered questions. Every one was kind and helpful. After they took her in for the surgery I went to wait in the designated waiting area, but I couldn't stay there because there were competing TV's and I am highly allergic to television, so I went to wait in the chapel where I read the Koran and looked at the Torah in squiggly Hebrew.

After a while I returned to a smaller waiting area and was able to mute the TV while I was the only one there.

Finally the first surgeon came out and told me the good news: no cancerous nodes! There will be further node tests, but so far so good. She said Mary Ellen is doing fine in surgery, responding perfectly to all the meds and holding strong. They sent me home to update all of you and get a nap. I'll be going back there briefly later tonight while she's in recovery, and tomorrow I can visit, as she'll be in a room.

I'll update you as more info becomes available. Thanks for all your support, Kathleen

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  1. Thanks Kate for the info.
    We're thinking of all of you also.