Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey, What Else Can We Do Now Except Roll Down The Window and Let the Wind Blow Back Your Hair

I am out of time. Whatever did not get done is not going to get done. That's life.

I went to the plastic surgeon and he marked me for surgery. He used purple surgical marker and then went over it with a green sharpie. I have tons of lines all over my abdomen and breasts. He used the CT angiogram results in conjunction with a doppler to find all the vessels he will need and then marked them on my abdomen. It took about an hour and a half.

He answered all my questions. Will you give me something for anxiety in the morning? Answer, no. It interferes with the anesthesia. Can I take something tonight? Answer, have a glass of wine. Cool. I am going to the Springsteen concert tonight and now I can have a beer. Score.

The PA came in afterwards and discussed a lot of things with me. There will be 3 surgeons. Dr. Keller, Dr Kostroff and Dr Schwartz. There will be an anesthesiologist and an anesthesia nurse. There will be a number of PAs and a number of nurses. She said the surgery should start at 7:30 am. The earliest it will be finished is 8pm, but it is more likely that it will be 10 or 11 pm. No family or friends should wait there. They will call when Dr. Kostroff is finished and she will have the status of the sentinal node biopsy. Dr. Keller will call when he is finished. He will not come out to meet anyone even if they are there. After the surgery I will go to the recovery room and will stay there all night. Family can visit there but it will be a waste because I will be out of it. The next day I will go to a regular room and people can visit. I will have a pain pump that I will control of. I will have no food restrictions. I will have a Foley. I will have the pneumatic stockings on my legs. I will have six drains, two in each breast and two in the abdomen. It is expected that I will go home Monday.

I finished a few more errands. Went to the gym to suspend my membership, went to BJs to buy big heavy stuff I will not be able to carry for awhile (diapers, wipes, dog food). I think I am as ready to go as I will ever be.

My sister Kathleen (Kate) is going to update the blog. She will write on it as soon as she hears things.

Now, we are off to see Bruce Springsteen at Giants Stadium. It should be awesome.

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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