Saturday, October 17, 2009

Home - Slow Recovery

I am home. That is great but this is going pretty slowly. My underarms and hands are especially painful. My hands are really bad because they missed so many times trying to get the arterial blood gases and the arterial line. They are black, brown and green from my hands to just above the elbows. It is hard to eat or turn pages of a book, or type. I think the underarm pain is from the removal of the lymph node on each side. Everything else hurts but is getting a bit better. It is upsetting that I really can't do anything for Julianna. I am thrilled and very thankful that I have so many great people to help. My friend Jessica has Julianna right now. My friend Cathy took my dog Smudge on a hike today and slept here last night to listen for Julianna and me.

Thanks to everyone for the food, visits, calls, cards, babysitting and good thoughts. It makes me know that despite everything I am very blessed.

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