Monday, October 12, 2009

A Setback: More Surgery

Colleen called me early this morning to say Mary Ellen called her sounding awful and was being taken back to surgery. I called her immediately. Yup, she sounded awful.
She said she had a lot of pain and was being taken for more surgery, but she was unable to talk right then.
I could not get any info. No one was going to be willing to tell me anything by phone, But then I remembered the nurse Pam, who gave me updates during surgery. She had SEEN me with the heathcare proxy form in my hand, and she'd remember me. I dug out her card and called her. Thankfully, she is on duty. She said she had just received the call from Dr. Keller that Mary Ellen was coming back to surgery but so far she did not have any solid information. She took my number and promised to call me in a few minutes.
Meanwhile, Dear Ones, please pray for Mary Ellen. She is frightened and in pain at this moment. I have faith that all will be well, but she is in an extremely hard place right now.

The nurse just called! She is a kind, friendly, upbeat angel, that one.
She said Mary Ellen's left flap is a bit discolored and it hurts. There may be a blood vessel that is bleeding. Dr. Keller wants to go in there with his microscope and check. She said she can't guess how long the surgery will be but will call me the moment she knows any thing else, and I believe her. I'm on my way to the hospital now to wait outside surgery.
Love, Kathleen

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