Sunday, October 11, 2009

Up and Walking!

Today I got to the hospital a little after noon, with an iced tea and a Carvel chocolate shake (a Nancy treat) and Mary Ellen was getting ready to get up for a walk. The kind nurse, named Priya, and I, took ME for a stroll down the hall and back. Her hematocrit was quite low and the doctor had ordered a unit of whole blood. As a paramedic, ME has donated hundereds of pints of blood. Now, because she has cancer, she will not be able to donate again, but it's about time she received some of that blood back, so a unit was ordered for her.
She has low blood pressure, so they were having a hard time finding a vein for the new IV. Specialists were called. As a paramedic, ME has put IV's into all kinds of traumatized people while hurtling through traffic, so to watch several people not get a vein on her was hard. Vanna and I were there as a special IV team person got it on her third try.
The catheter was removed, and the pain medication is now only Tylenol. I find this incredible, as I would think they would need elephant tranquilizers to keep her from screaming after such an intense proceure, but somehow the Tylenol is enough, and she is in good spirits.
I left while Dad, Betty and Vanna were there, at about 5 PM.
So far, so good. She will be sent home tomorrow or the next day. Thanks, Kathleen

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