Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tough Day

Today has been a tough day. It started out ok but the chemo side effects have gotten progressively worse. I have swelling in my hands, feet and face. My joints are all very sore. I have a strong metal taste in my mouth along with mouth sores. I am having trouble with sensation in my hands. I still have some GI upset. All in all a bit of a bummer.

I had to go to the plastic surgeon for an expander fill today. It is uncomfortable but pales in comparison to everything else. I had to give myself the neupagen shot. I was nervous to do it because I had joint pain before the shot. I am hoping the shot doesn't make it too much worse.

My friends have Julianna. I am thrilled to have the help but also sad that I won't be with her as the new year arrives. She is the best baby ever.

I am lucky to have such supportive friends, family and my dog. My dog Smudge comes and sits in the bathroom with me while I am in there for hours with the bucket on my lap. He rests his head on my feet. I wouldn't want a person in there but he is a welcome guest.

I know I have a few more days of this and it will start turning around. I am trying to drink tons of fluid and move through it.

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope it is a happy and healthy year for all!!!!!!

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  1. HI MaryEllen: I noticed your blog on your sig. I check the Inspiring stories thread all the time for uplifting tales.

    I am also a single mom and I tell you it was a trip going through chemo! I hope your day is going better/great. My son just turned 7 and I also have a chesapeake bay retriever. I used a site called "". Might be something to check out. I had friends and neighbors helping to do the basics like walking the dog on days when I knew I'd be bagged (after the neulasta eg.).
    It was really tough for me to ask for help, but slowly I learned. I think this is a single mom thing, always taking care of everything.
    My last chemo was May 5 2009. Finished rads Sept.3. My son was 6. I now feel like that time was a blur. I don't know of many single moms on, so I wanted to say Hi! Stay strong and keep your eye on your gorgeous little girl. It is our children who keep us going, that's for sure!
    Oh and I wanted to mention about mouth sores, I didn't have one. A friend of mine who went through chemo twice warned me to stay away from tomato sauces (which is tough because everyone wants to bring you a lasagna) and orange juice. These acid-y bases are not good for the sores. Maybe you already know this, forgive my preachy been there-ness.
    My user name on is let-it-be and I am mostly on the stage 3 forums. Take Care and Good luck!