Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Chemo Tomorrow

I was able to get all the things I need for chemo tomorrow. My friend Vanna watched Julianna for a few hours this morning. In that time I went to Target and got the coolers and bags. I had time left so I decided to drive to Roosevelt to see if the ice place was open. They don't seem to answer their phone but I figured I would try it. I went there and they were open. The guy said they are the only place on LI to sell dry ice retail. They are open 10- 2 on Sunday. I got it and I am very relieved.

I know some people don't get the whole cold cap thing. However, as a big baseball fan I have to say, if you are going to go down at least go down swinging.The woman who used this set of caps before me also did TCH and kept her hair. Also, some people who use Taxotere have PERMANENT hair loss. That is a huge big deal. So, its hard and its a bit pricey (Thanks everyone!) but I am hoping it will be worth it.

After getting all the stuff Julianna, Vanna, Summer and I went to the ambulance bureau kids Christmas party. It was very nice and Julianna had a great time. She ran around at mach speed most of the time. She held her own with the big kids but was a bit scared of Santa. He is a very strange man and I have warned her about that, so it was no surprise. She is a party girl so I guess I am in for it later. I can't imagine where she gets that. LOL. While we were at the party my friend and next door neighbor Lori cleaned my house. She rocks!

Thanks everyone for your support! My friend Cathy is going with me tomorrow. I will post after it is over to let everyone know how it went.

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