Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Getting Moving

Today was a pretty nice day. It was over 50 degrees which is great compared to how it has been. I am still having bone pain and stomach pain. I am also now getting mouth sores, also a side effect. Despite all that I knew I had to get moving today. I took Smudge up to Syosset to walk around the big field. We went around twice. Every step was hard but I know I really have to do it. It is about a mile around. After that I went to the grocery store, also exhausting. Its amazing that it can be so hard to do such normal things. I refuse to give in and Smudge won't let me.

I am going to try to move a little every day. I am hoping this bone pain goes away soon. I am not going to do the neulasta next time so I shouldn't get it again. If anyone wants to walk give me a call. I will go with you!

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