Monday, January 4, 2010

Herceptin, Blood Counts

I had my appointment with Dr. Citron (oncologist) today. He said a good way to combat fatigue is to exercise. Interesting since I have had trouble going from the couch to the bathroom the last few days. I will try though.

My blood counts are down, although not enough for a transfusion. That is good. He said they should start coming up on their own now. He said I have no restrictions and could even fly if I want to. All good.

The staff is amazed that I still have my hair. I am thrilled.

I had my herceptin infusion. The herceptin is in there now fighting any bad cells that may remain. Kick butt herceptin!

This was a tough week but I survived it! Thanks to everyone for all the help and good wishes!!!!!!!!!!

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