Friday, December 4, 2009

The Caps Arrived!!!

The Penguin Cold Caps arrived today. I am giving away all my frozen food so I can fit them in my freezer. If anyone wants any, mostly boxed Lean Cuisine and such, just let me know. I waited at home all day because FedEx said they required a signature. At about ten after five I called FedEx to see what was up. She tracked them and said they were on my front porch. I have no idea when they arrived but I guess I wasted my time sitting here. Tomorrow I have to go out and find a digital thermometer capabale of going to -31 C. and two 7 day coolers. I also have to find out about getting dry ice to bring them to the chemo place. You have to use dry ice because the regular freezer can't get them as cold as minus 31 C. That is pretty cold. At first I thought that was a mistake and they meant 31 degrees C. But it is not. It is minus 31. Very cold. They are not kidding when they say it should make your hair follicles hypothermic. The whole thing is a bit labor intensive but if it works it will be worth it.

I went to the plastic surgeon yesterday. He added 50cc of saline to the tissue expander. It is pretty uncomfortable today. He also told me of a new procedure he is looking into. In that procedure they liposuction fat out of areas of your body (I have a lot of potential donor sites) and inject it into the breast. This would not normally work because it would not be vasculated and would dissapate over time. There is a new system where they put a negative pressure device (like a suction) over the breast. That negative pressure would cause the vessels to form and vasculate the added fat. There is a surgeon in Florida that has been doing breast reconstruction with this system and having success. Dr. Keller asked me if I might be interested in exploring this option in the future. I told him I might but obviously I can't have any type of surgery until chemo is over for awhile. He said it would take time to investigate this procedure anyway. I told him I would certainly be interested in finding out more.

I have a lot of things to get ready before Monday's chemo. Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming support. Happy Birthday to my nephew Owen!!!!!!!!

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