Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tough Day

It has been rainy and cold all day. I had to drive around to a bunch of stores to try to find the things I will need for the cold caps. It was tough because I had to drag Julianna along. I was able to find a digital thermometer capable of reading to minus 40 degrees C. I found that at Lowes in the grill section. There are slim pickings in the grill section this time of year. I tried to get the cooler in a bunch of places but no one had it. I was able to track it online in Target but I will have to drive for a bit. The coolers are a seasonal item too, and this is not the season. It has to be a specially insulated type.

Dry ice is tough. I finally found a place in Queens. I can go there tomorrow to get it. I am hoping it will last in the special cooler.

While I was trying to track everything online Julianna was taking a nap. She woke up with a bad diaper and I changed her in the crib so she might go to sleep. She was pretty quiet so I thought all was well. When I went in there I was in for a big surprise. Apparently, I left the powder in the crib when I changed her. She managed to empty the entire container all over herself and her room. Ducks and all. She looked like a marshmallow baby. I called poison control because I remember from working there that it is a big inhalation hazard. They said if she doesn't have any symptoms just bathe her and check to make sure she doesn't have any wheezing or signs of an airway problem. She doesn't. She thought it was great fun. I will check her periodically through the night to make sure all is well. Great fun for her, huge mess for me.

I am hoping I have enough time to get everything tomorrow. I am going to see if someone can watch her so I can zoom along and get everything.

I am still pretty sore from the fill. I hope tomorrow is more productive.

Happy 80th Birthday Dad!!!!!

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