Friday, December 18, 2009


Going for a walk in the cold.

Me walking with Julianna, Smudge and Haley.
Cathy pushing Julianna. Smudge is running after them.

Cathy with her dogs Haley and Pippin.

We are supposed to get a big blizzard tomorrow. It is super cold out. Despite this I thought it would be a good idea to go walk. I bundled up Julianna, took Smudge (naked) and went up to Syosset to meet Cathy and her two dogs. Cathy's dogs were wearing their winter coats. Smudge's God given coat is pretty think and he hates clothes so he went as is. When we got there the car said it was 25 degress, waaaaayyyyyyy warmer then the cold caps.

We walked around the big field twice. It was nice. Julianna loved watching the dogs run. Despite the cold walking was a lot easier then it was the other day. So things are really looking up. I feel sooooooooooooo much better then I did. It is nice that the body can rally and bounce back.

After the walk we went to the grocery store to buy things in case we are snowed in for a few months. We are ready for whatever nature brings.

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