Monday, February 8, 2010


I started the decadron (steroids) today. It causes insomnia and I am wide awake. It also causes me to be super hot, flushed and swollen. If anyone's house is too cold give me a call and I will come over and warm it up. Its much cheaper then heating oil. Ha ha. Early tomorrow I will drop Julianna off at my friend Colleen's house. I then have to go to the drug store to get some prescriptions and then I have to go to Roosevelt to get the dry ice. When I can home I have to crush all the dry ice and load the cooler with the cold caps. My friend Rosanne is coming to help me with the cold caps. If we have anytime before the chemo appointment we will try to go to lunch. Tomorrow (today actually) will be a busy day. It is also my dog Smudge's 6th birthday. I hope we have a little time to celebrate.

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