Monday, February 8, 2010

Chemo Number 4 and Smudge's 6th Birthday

Today was chemo #4. The anticipation was tough as usual. My friend Rosanne came to do the Penguin Cold Caps with me and to offer emotional help. She was great. Rosanne came to my house a bit early so we could go get something to eat. We went to Momma Theresa's and it was awesome. On the way to the car, which was very close to the building, I started getting profound shortness of breath. I though maybe it could be anxiety, even though I have never had anything like that.

When I got to the chemo office she said it is possible that it could be anxiety but that she though it was unlikely. They want me to go for a MUGA scan tomorrow morning to make sure the herceptin is not causing any heart problems. That is an occasional side effect of the herception. The herceptin is a monoclonial antibody that targets the Her2 recepters on the cancer cells, The heart also has naturally occurring Her2 recepters that are beneficial. At times the infusions of herceptin can damage them. If that does occur it is usually reversible once the herceptin is stopped.

While I was gone for the chemo my great friend and neighbor Lori got my prescriptions filled and cleaned my house. My friend Colleen took Julianna. I also received tons of calls and emails offering emotional support. I am very blessed to have such great people in my life.

Today is Smudge's 6th Birthday. He is the best dog in the world. He got a Carvel cake (all vanilla), tons of special bones and treats and a new toy. Lori. Bobby, Rosanne and I sang him a quick Happy Birthday. He is a lucky boy and I am grateful that he is in my life. He brings me great joy and happiness.

Rosanne kneading a cold cap to get it to the proper temperature.
Rosanne wearing a (not so) cold cap.

My awesome chemo nurses.

Me getting the chemo infusions.

Smudge's Carvel cake.

Smudge with Bobby, not so sure he should be on the couch with the cake.

Smudge checking out the cake on Julianna's high chair tray. He knows this as a place where there is tons of food to stealall the time.

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