Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pitchers and Catchers to Spring Training

Pitchers and catchers for the Mets report to spring training today! On December 7th when I started chemo I said, before opening day of baseball I will be finished with chemo. I thought that over and over while I have been going through this. Today spring training starts, so it is getting closer. I do love baseball.

I have made it to work for the last two days. Today is the last day for the week. It is a short week because Monday was Washington's birthday. I am off Fridays. It has been a hard week. I don't feel good and I really don't look good. People have been commenting on it. My friend Colleen said it is because I am so pale and my lips are white. I am sure this will pass.

Julianna is getting her two year old molars. She is pretty cranky and has been running a fever at times. She has been waking up during the night. She is usually a great sleeper so it is not normal for her to wake up. Tylenol is a great drug for babies.

On a brighter note, I have a full head of hair. That really makes a big difference to me. I think if it all fell out it would be the final straw for me. Thanks to everyone for all your help. And, Lets Go Mets!!!!!

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