Monday, January 18, 2010

Chemo #3

Today was my third chemo. It was a bit tough, but I got through it. So far my only side effects are heartburn and difficulty with balance. I know there are a lot more to come.

Before we started they drew blood and said the counts were ok to proceed. I advised the nurses that I have a cough. It started shortly after my last herceptin treatment. Of course the first place I go is "Oh no, its in my lungs". I know it is not likely but it is hard not to think that way. I have since researched and found out that pneuminitis is a side effect of herceptin. My chemo office agrees and they are sending my for a chest xray tomorrow to rule this out.

The cold caps went well. My friend Vanna came with my and expertly handled the whole operation. Before she got to my house to go with me I had gone to Roosevelt to get the dry ice. The guy who runs the ice place also runs a food bank out of his building. He feeds over 100 families in the area. I brought a bunch of stuff to donate.

The office also advised me that they had another patient who was going to start the caps on Thursday. I am happy that more people are finding out about them. I spoke to her online and she is happy about having the opportunity to save her hair.

We finished the chemo at 5:18. That means I need to have the caps on until 8:18. Vanna had to go home and take care of her daughter Summer so my friend Colleen came over to help with the rest of the caps. Vanna showed her how to do the first one. After that Colleen handled it like a pro, all by herself. At 8:18 I was finished with the caps. It was nice to get the cold and the weight off my head.

Julianna is going to stay the night over at the O'Brien's house. This is nice because I can take a much needed sleeping pill. The decadron keeps me awake all night so I need something to counter it.

So, I am halfway there!!!!!! 3 chemos down, 3 to go!!!

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