Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Working today wasn't really too bad. It was pretty passive since I just sat in the classroom all day. I still have a pretty bad cough and GI disturbances. I did have to leave the room a lot because of both of these. I did make it through the day though. I have noticed that I am starting to feel so much better each day. I love it! I do hate that I will go back into the "chemo hole" three more times. I am currently enjoying that the side effects are slowly starting to alleviate.

I have had three chemo treatments now. Each time I have been overwhelmed by it and each time I have been amazed when I start to feel better. I guess I know on an intellectual level that it will get better but it is hard to believe when I am feeling so bad. I feel like the physical equivalent of a manic depressive.

Yippie!!! Things are getting better!

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