Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chest X-ray

I had my chest x-ray today. The reason for this is that I have an unexplained dry cough. It can be nothing, pneumonitis caused by the herceptin, or the cancer could have spread to my lungs. Obviously the last scenario had been weighing heavily on my mind.

I had the prescription for the x-ray. The nurse practitioner wrote "STAT" on it, also scary. When I got there they took me in pretty quickly. They did two views. When I was finished in the radiology office I went upstairs to the oncology office.

The nurse practitioner said she would go down to radiology herself to find out the results. I waited awhile. When she came back she said there was nothing visible on the x-ray. They think it is an opportunistic viral infection of the lung. Yippie!!!!! I have never been so happy to have a lung infection.

I try my best not to let negative thoughts invade my head. I must admit it was very difficult this last week. I realize that the cancer being in my lungs would mean I would not be here to see my daughter's third birthday. It was overwhelming to me to even entertain these thoughts, but harder to make them go away.

I am so happy about the outcome of this x-ray!!!!!!

Thank-you everyone for your prayers, positive thoughts and words of encouragement. They mean more than you will ever know.

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