Sunday, January 24, 2010


Julianna is taking a nap. She is still sick but she is doing a lot better. My cough is getting a little better. I am still suffering the chemo side effects. I am having a great deal of difficulty eating. The chemo kills appetite. It also makes everything taste weird. It causes most things to taste like metal. It also makes things taste extremely salty. I like salt, but I am having trouble eating foods that are even a little salty. It usually gets a little better about 10 days after the chemo. It hasn't yet returned to completely normal between the chemos, but it does get better. I have found I can eat milk cholcolate and that tastes almost normal. Dark is bad, mettalic. I also can drink milk and its not so bad. The taste changes are a known side effect of the carboplatin.

I have not lost any weight from this. Go figure! I don't eat more than a few bites for a whole week. When I go to the doctor and they weigh me I am the same. How can this be?? I said the same thing after surgery. They cut off parts. I didn't eat for a week and I weighed the same in the end. I go to the doctor tomorrow so I will see if I lost anything.

I am going to go back to work Tuesday morning at 7 am. I am hoping I am feeling ok by then. It is for my paramedic refresher, required by NY state, so there is no flexibility in the date.

Good luck to the NY Jets. My Aunt Joan and Uncle Mort should make them win!!!!!

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