Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hair Care

I am happy to say my hair is still here. There is a special amount of hair care involved when using the Penguin Cold Caps. You can only wash your hair twice a week. At first that was really tough for me but since the chemo is so drying it has been ok. When I do wash it I can only use cold water and only baby shampoo. Cold water is tough so I fill the tub up with hot water and use the cold water on my head while the hot water my body is in is keeping me warm. Its an odd process but I am happy to comply. I have not lost more than a few strands so far. Yippie!!!

The other side effects are finally subsiding a little bit. I am getting a bit more energy. I still have some GI issues but they are really not as bad as they were.

Thanks everyone for the constant support!!!

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