Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jack is Doing Great!

Jack is doing great! It was really nice to see him. He was taken off his oscillator this morning and put back on a regular vent. His blood gases were really good so they thought he could handle it. He is only on 25% oxygen. That is great because regular room air is only 21% oxygen. He is off the photo therapy lights but he does have bronze baby syndrome. That should resolve on its own over time.

He is eating 11cc over an hour and a half through the gastric tube. He makes sucking motions all the time and sucks on his endotracheal tube. They are still keeping him sedated. When his morphine and ativan wear off he moves around quite a bit. He can push his whole body up on his feet. That is pretty good especially since he has a PICC line on one foot.

Tierney is still pumping for him and he loves that milk. I got to have lunch with Tierney and that was very nice.

I have to leave very early tomorrow. My plane takes off at 6am. I can go see him anytime so I will see him just before I have to leave.

I took a bunch of pictures and I will post them when I get home.


  1. This is such great news, MaryEllen! I'm another IM following your journey (from SMO) and I'm rooting for you, Julianne, and Baby Jack. I read your whole blog today and I have been so moved by your story. Many hugs and best wishes to you in this holiday season.

  2. Hooray for Jack! He's got the Humphrey fight, as we all thought he would. I'm very eager to see him ready to go home, and I'm thrilled he's in such good hands there.