Sunday, December 9, 2012

He likes the oscillator, but not food

Jack is doing well on the oscillator. His O2 saturation and vitals have been great since he has been on it. They are not sure how long he will be on it but I hope he is on it long enough for his lungs to heal. They can't give me any real idea because each baby is different.

His last feed was a failure. A few hours after the feed they aspirated bile tinged residual. She didn't tell me how much but it was enough that they are stopping his feeds again. I asked her if this was normal and she said it was not normal but it was expected. In other words, this is common for babies as early as Jack. She said some take awhile to start feeding. She said his belly was soft and that is good. He will try again in a day or so. I don't know if he is losing weight because of all of this because they only weigh him on Mondays and Thursdays. They will let me know tomorrow what his current weight is.

It is not known why, but white male babies are known to do poorly in the NICU. I remember them telling me that when Julianna was in there. My cousin Kaitlyn told me they said that about her son too. "Wimpy white boy" syndrome. I told Tierney that and she said she is hoping Jack has some black in him to help him fight. I sure hope so too!

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