Wednesday, December 12, 2012

He Is Eating!!!

"Out of difficulties grow miracles"  ~  Jean De La Breyere

I called tonight and the nurse told me that Jack tolerated three feedings!!! I am over the moon about this!! They were each 1.5 cc and given to him over a 2 hour period, but he tolerated it.  I really feel that this could make all the difference for Jack. I think if he can just eat and put some weight on he will get stronger and do well.

He got another blood transfusion today. His ventilator settings stayed the same. He will have an x-ray of his chest and abdomen tomorrow. (They only need one film for his tiny body.)

I watched my Dad tonight and it was a tough evening. He was really difficult and Julianna stayed awake until about 11 pm. It should be interesting getting her up tomorrow. They have some sedatives but they don't do anything. I get through it by mentally amusing myself. Thinking things like, should I crush his pill and have him snort it? Or, can we simply ask the doctor for whatever the Wild Kingdom guy (Jim) used in the dart gun that could stop a charging rhino in seconds?

Any disruption in his regular routine makes him really difficult. I want to help so Betty can get a bit of a break but I must admit that it is becoming super hard. First I had to take him with us to Julianna's violin lesson. He was super good there. I picked up food and we went back to his house. It went down hill from there .He was trying to hide my sneakers, wearing my jacket, peed on the bathroom floor (not missed, directly),  tried to carry Julianna and she was yelling that he was squeezing her, put three pairs of pants on (at the same time) when I was trying to get him to put pajamas on, tried to open presents Betty wrapped to send out, threw out mail and on and on. Most Alzheimer's patients get worse at night and he is no exception.

It was stressful with my Dad but when I got home I called about Jack and now I am super happy. I sure hope he decides eating is good and he keeps it up. Way to go Jack!

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