Friday, December 7, 2012

Feed Are Not Going Well

They tried to feed Jack three times over the last 24 hours and each time it did not go well. They gave him 1.5cc of breast milk. A few hours later they aspirated about half of it back out. They tried again on an empty belly and they got about 2/3 back. Then they tried again and got 1.2cc back. They gave him pedialyte and stopped feeding him.

They are measuring his belly to make sure it is not swelling. They are going to xray it in the morning. They have him getting nothing through the stomach for at least 24 hours. They have increased his intravenous rate to try to make up for some of the difference.

The nurse was very encouraging. She said this does not mean he has NEC but they have to make sure. She said his GI system is not ready for feeds but it could just be that he isn't developed enough yet. She said this is very common in babies this age.

I was really hoping it would go well and of course this is a big blow. It is so hard to be here when he is so sick and needy way down there in Arkansas. I am going on 12/14. I wish I could be there now. I do know he is in good hands but the worrying is agonizing.

I was off from work today but I watched my Dad so Betty could get out. It is hard to watch him too because his deterioration is so profound.

On a lighter note, Julianna is a little love. She is super excited about Christmas and Santa and her happiness fills my heart with joy.

Thanks everyone for all the prayers. Please keep them coming.


  1. There are bound to be steps back, but so far the big steps have been forward. He's here, he's in good hands, his brain isn't under undue stress. It must be so hard to be apart from him! I'll wish for the 14th to come soon, and for Jack to be eating and growing when you see him next.

  2. Thanks so much. I appreciate the encouragement.