Thursday, December 13, 2012

Eating Like A Champion

Jack's feeds are up to 5cc every three hours and he is tolerating them! I am so proud of him.

The nurse said they had to raise his oxygen settings but he is still only at 35% oxygen, via the oscillator, so that is pretty good.

He is jaundiced again so he is back under the photo therapy lights. They said that is pretty routine and most small premature babies will go under them a number of times before they are discharged.

He is somewhat swollen. He is on lasix ( a diuretic) to try to reduce that swelling. He is also on steroids to try to keep his lungs from swelling.

All in all he is having a good day. I will get to see him late tomorrow night. I can't wait!

Thanks everyone for all the prayers, good wishes, assistance with child care and everything else. And thanks Tierney for visiting Jack and giving him love!!!!

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