Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Test Results

I got the preliminary BRCA results back and I do not have any identifiable mutations. They still have to do some comparisons but it is 98% sure that I do not have it. I am so happy!! I was so worried that I passed it on to Julianna. It is also much less likely that my sisters or cousins have it. It is a big load off.

I also got all the CT scan results back. They are all normal except for a functional cyst on my ovary, no big deal. I am super happy about this especially since I was obsessing about the cancer having spread to all of my vital organs. I know it is very unlikely but your mind can do weird things. So, all scans and tests are over. I just have to wait for my appointment on 9/11. I really want to get moving on this. The faster I start, the faster I finish.

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  1. NOW
    Now eat your Wheaties and on to the next step.
    We are all behind you!