Friday, September 4, 2009

Still waiting

So, I have finished all the tests for now. Most were good. I am negative for the BRCA mutation, there is no cancer in my bones and none in any vital organs. That is good and I am very thankful.
I am also very thankful for all the support I have from my friends and family. When I first found out about the cancer I felt (mentally) like I was hit by a truck. I am better now and back to my normal self. I am ready to fight it. I am anxious to get a surgery date. I never thought I would look forward to this surgery, but now I do. I am ready to have it out of me. I am ready to do it so I can put it all behind me.

I love you all and I thank you for getting me through the hardest part, the acceptance that this is real and that it is do able. I can do it and I welcome all the help that everyone has offered.

I am trying to do some fun things with Julianna because I know we won't be able to do much in the near future. Today we went to the Bronx Zoo. It was great. She loved all the animals and I loved her loving it!

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