Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finally Heard From the Surgeon's Office- Very Annoyed

So, I finally heard back from the surgeon's office. I called and called, no one calls back. When I spoke to Dr. Sclafani on Thursday she told me the surgery date should be 9/28 and she would call me back Friday to confirm it. I never got any call back. I called a bunch of times, no call back. There is no way to contact them on a weekend, no email or anything. Monday I started calling again. No call back. I called again today. After being on hold some time I finally spoke to Dr. Sclafani's assistant Vanessa. She said she is sorry she didn't get to call me back and she thought they could do the surgery on October 6th. When I told her Dr. Sclafani said she could do it on 9/28 she said that was booked and maybe she could get me in for 9/29 but if so I had to get to do pre-surgical testing today. If I can't get there today it would have to be 10/6. The last time I went to her office I waited over two hours so to do it today means making last minute provisions for Julianna. They had a 5 pm appointment. So we are back to 10/6.

So far I am so disappointed with Sloan I am so sorry I waited a month to get an appointment there. If this was someone working on my house instead of my body I would have dropped them by now. I got an appointment with a different plastic surgeon. It is for today. I emailed him over the weekend when I couldn't get in touch with anyone from Sloan. He called me back himself on a Sunday night. His name is Dr. Keller and he is supposed to be an expert on DIEP flap reconstruction. He said he thought I could have my surgery within two weeks.

I will post after my appointment with him.


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