Saturday, August 29, 2009

CT Scans

Yesterday I had CT scans of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. I had to drink 3 large cups of something I suspect is radioactive. Two were mixed with some type of coke syrup and the third was a chalky substance, maybe barium? They had lollipops to kill the taste so you can get it all down. They did part of the procedure with no IV contrast and part of it with the contrast. All in all not so bad but of course they don't give you the results. They just leave you to obsess about the possibility that the cancer has spread to all your vital organs. A woman on one of the breast cancer sites said she felt the waiting was like being eaten very slowly by sharks. I agree.

I spoke to Laura McGinty yesterday, She is a very close friend of my cousin Carol Gibson. She works for a company called Pinnacle Care . They are a medical consulting company and an advocacy for people seeking specialists in a particular area or coordination of their medical care. She able to give me some names of doctors at Sloan Kettering. One in particular in an oncologist by the name of Dr. Kimberly Van Zee. I called Sloan and they said I had to see the surgeon prior to making an appointment with an oncologist. At least now I have info when I am ready to roll on that. Thanks Laura and Carol Ann!

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  1. GREAT NEWS...
    Now eat your Wheaties and on to the next step.
    We are all behind you!