Friday, July 16, 2010

Good Story, Could Have been Bad

"I believe in angels- that they're always hovering near, whispering encouragement whenever clouds appear, protecting us from danger and showing us the way. Performing little miracles within our lives each day."
- Anonymous

I took Julianna to the beach tonight. We went after dinner. I figured we would go for an hour or so. It is nice at that time, not too crowded and we don't have to worry about the sun so much.

It was nice. She had fun in the water and playing with the sand. We go to TOBAY and play on the bay side where the water is shallow and quiet. They have a nice playground there too and we usually go to play there right before we go home.

We were leaving and I was carrying four buckets, a spinning sand toy, the blanket, towel and our fishing net. I had Julianna by the hand and we were walking out. All of a sudden she took off running. She is super fast. I was trying my best to keep up and grab her but she had a good jump on me. She was heading straight to the parking lot trying to get to the playground. Just as she was about to run into the parking lot a woman came out of no where and scooped her up. I caught up a few seconds later. The woman asked me if she was mine. I said yes and thanked her profusely.

Julianna still wanted to go to the playground but of course that was off after that escapade. I explained to her how bad that was and what could have happened.

It is nice to know that there are people out there who will grab your child and pull them out of danger. I do believe she was heaven sent.

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