Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Julianna on the mend

Peace - It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. ~ Unknown

I still have a lot of work before I get to this definition of peace. I have been letting some stress get to me lately. I need to be more like Kevin Kostner in For the Love of the Game. The movie is about baseball. His character would say "clear the mechanism" and be able to shut out all the stadium noise and distraction and just concentrate on the task at hand, pitching. I could really do that when I was working as a street paramedic. I could completely focus and turn everything and everything else off. Tunnel vision essentially. I need it in life now. Forget about upcoming events (surgery, treatments) and just live in the moment. Please send ideas about accomplishing this if you have any!
Lake Henry.

Our house at Lake Henry

Julianna got strep throat again. Thursday night she was pretty bad. I got the flashlight and checked her throat. It was maroon with tons of white spots. No wonder she was so miserable.

Friday morning I just showed up at the doctor's office. I am sure they loved that but trying to get through to them on the phone early in the morning is harder than getting Bruce Springsteen tickets on Ticketmaster charge by phone. All my years of buying concert tickets made me realize that it is often important to come up with an alternate method. So I showed up. I figured the worst case scenario was that they would let me make an appointment for later in the day. But they saw her. The did a quick culture and it was strep, again. Ugghhh.

Just about two months ago they told me that two year olds don't get strep. I had called in a panic because my babysitter's daughter had strep and I was about to do my last chemo. I figured maybe I could get her on an antibiotic to keep her from getting it and so I wouldn't get it. They told me not to worry, two year olds don't get strep. Now she has had it twice and my friend's two year old twins also had it. They hadn't been near Julianna. So if anyone is wondering, two year olds DO get strep.

We were supposed to leave Friday morning to go up to the lake. We ended up leaving Friday night at about 11:15. We got there around 2:15. She wasn't too bad in the car but she was fussy all that night and the next. She finally started feeling better Sunday night.

The lake is beautiful and relaxing. Julianna went on a jetski ride. We saw my cousin Janet who had some friends up to her place. They came over to visit. We also saw Merle and Betty and a bunch of neighbors we hadn't seen in awhile. Liz, Brian and Amanda came with us and were helpful in keeping Julianna busy while I tried to get some things done. There are still tons of things that need to get done.

I am back at work. I am trying to scurry and get things ready for the breast cancer walk on Saturday. I am still trying to get some sponsors if anyone is interested. I have raised $660 so far but I need to get to $1000. Thanks everyone!!!!!

If you would like to donate you can click on the link below:


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