Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Halfway through herceptin

I had a herceptin infusion today. It marked the halfway point in my herceptin treatment. I have to go every three weeks until December. My nurse counted them all down for me and we discovered that after today I have completed 50% of it. Nice.

I also found out today that I have strep throat. Julianna had it about two weeks ago. She was recultured on Friday and it was negative. When I went to the doctor today I asked them to check me because my throat hurt. Sure enough, positive. They said that adults are usually pretty sick with strep. I always was but this time I don't feel too bad. I think its all relative. Even if it were the same it would be bad a year ago but now, not so much. Nothing can really be all that bad anymore because I was soooooooo sick with the chemo.

Smudge is also on an antibiotic for a bad cough. Our whole little family has been on them in the last few weeks. I zoomed him to the vet because he sounded like a cat with a hairball. I thought he had something caught in his throat but the vet told me that is how dogs cough. He is not supposed to exert himself but he doesn't listen. I hope he clears up soon.

Yesterday was my birthday!!! I am so happy to leave 44 behind. I had a bad feeling about it when it showed up last year. I am happy to see it go. I am told that people who lose a parent at a young age have extreme emotional difficulty with reaching the age their parent was when they died. This is found to be especially true with a same sex parent. I absolutely felt this way before I got the cancer and then getting it felt like I was right all along, 44 is bad. I am super happy to be 45 now. I passed the dreaded age and it sure feels good.

The American Cancer Society says it is the official sponsor of birthdays. I think that is pretty great.

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