Monday, June 14, 2010

Fire, Beach, Herceptin

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

I had a fire at my house. It was outside and really didn't do any damage. It was a little freaky though.

My tenant called me to say there were some flower pots on fire on the side of the house. He put them out with the hose. He was home on his lunch and noticed a bunch of black smoke. I called my neighbor Bobby and asked him to check it out. He said all the pots were melted and he took them all away from the house. I called left work and called 911 for a police report. The police and fire department came. I hadn't requested the fire department. The fire department called the Fire Marshall because it looked suspicious. The Fire Marshall called the Arson Bomb Squad. The Arson Bomb squad detective said he thought it was probably spontaneous combustion. However, he wasn't sure. He said spontaneous combustion happens in peat moss. This was dry peat like potting soil and there were two plastic pots stacked together. This is a situation where this can happen, but, it was raining pretty hard. He said it is less likely to happen in the rain. He still thinks it might have been spontaneous combustion, but he said he can't rule out arson. The official report says fire, unknown method of ignition, suspicious circumstance. I wish I had surveillance cameras on my house.

Julianna and I went to the beach yesterday. It was great. She wanted to go. She kept saying "beach with Momma". I said "Momma says yes". She loves digging in the sand and putting sand and water from bucket to bucket. By the end of our stay there I felt like Jill. Jill of Jack and Jill because I fetched a pail of water over and over.

I am trying to do a lot of things with Julianna because I am going to have surgery next week. After the surgery I won't be able to lift her and I won't have her for a few days. I know I overindulge her. Most only children are a little spoiled. In her case she has my fear of the cancer coming back and my worry of not seeing her grow up. So of course I will do every little thing to make her happy at all times. "Buy this!" "Momma says yes!" I may pay for this later.

I had a herceptin infusion today. It gives me a headache, runny nose and some flu-like symptoms. They also did my blood counts. Still not great. Still pretty anemic. I now know why I didn't have much energy for the breast cancer walk. But I did finish. They were pretty surprised. I feel better every day.

Thanks everyone for all the support!!!!!

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