Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Rapunzel Project

The Rapunzel Project is a fairly new charity that is dedicated to helping women keep their hair during chemotherapy. They are trying to spread the word about the cold caps, put freezers in chemo offices and help people afford to use the caps.

I had the benefit of an "unofficial" Rapunzel Project when my cousin Nancy rallied and got people to donate so I could use the caps and keep my hair. I don't think people not doing chemotherapy can really understand what a big deal this is. To look normal, even if you don't feel normal, is huge.

I am hoping the word gets around about Frank Fronda and his Penguin Cold Caps. One of the reasons that I was skeptical initially was that I figured if they did work, everyone would be using them. Well they do work but no one really knows about them.

When you are losing tons of battles it is really nice to win one. I lost my breasts, my chance to have another baby, over a year of my life to treatment, but, I didn't lose my hair. I won that battle and it feels great.

If you know anyone about to face this difficult treatment and they are considering using these caps feel free to have them contact me. I would say it is sooooooo worth it!!!

Thanks to everyone on my Rapunzel team!

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