Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day After Surgery

The surgery is over and I am glad. I am pretty banged up but I am feeling a lot better today. I am sorry to say I think going back to LIJ was a big mistake. I had one day surgery so I was in the Ambulatory Care Unit. The room they put me in had a wall of glass into the hallway. I guess at one point it must have been an isolation room. There were hooks for a curtain but there was no curtain. So each time they came to check my breasts or hips anyone walking by could see everything. They don't let you wear underwear when you get surgery so every time they pulled the gown off it was a complete crotch shot for anyone walking by. I now know how animals in the zoo feel.

When I told them I needed to go to the bathroom they said I couldn't get up yet. So they gave me a bedpan. No big deal normally but with no curtain it was pretty bad. They had no food, no juice and no paper towels or soap in the bathroom. I finally got to go to the real bathroom just before I left. I would not recommend going there.

My friends Colleen and Bob picked me up. They were great and I am glad because I was in a pretty bad mood by the time I got out of there. Starving, in pain and humiliated.

My breasts still look very uneven to me. I am hoping something settles down and they get more normal. I don't care so much how it looks naked, but I want them to look normal in clothes or a bathing suit. I am posting pictures. The bruising is worse today than it was last night. It doesn't feel as bad as it looks. Julianna was supposed to stay at my Dad and Betty's tonight but I may go get her. I was told I can drive when I want to.

Waiting for surgery
Waiting for surgery. They gave me this gown that they hook up to an air blower. It blows warm air in to keep you warm before and during surgery.
My right hip. He took some fat out but not enough. LOL
My left side. You can't see it so great in the picture.
The difference in my breasts. Its pretty profound so I am disappointed. I am hoping it changes as things settle down. There is more surgery to come.
I am feeling ok, just disappointed with the whole experience. They gave me tons of pain med scripts but I am not filling them. I will fill the antibiotic. I also need to take benadryl because the general anesthesia causes me to have severe itching. It happened each time I had surgery.
Thanks everyone for all the help, prayers and understanding. I have the best family and friends and feel very blessed to have you all in my life!!!!

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