Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hello everyone! I have been crazy busy lately. Also stressed out thinking about the upcoming surgery.

I went for my herceptin Monday. The port wouldn't work so they are sending me for a dye test to see why it isn't working. If that doesn't work I might have to have a surgery to replace the port.

They also said they are not sure why I am still so swollen. They said the chemo should have really gotten out of my system by now. My hands, feet and face are still very swollen. I also still have twitching to my eyes so I am guessing the chemo is still in me to some degree. But, they said it could be heart effects from the herceptin so they are sending me for another MUGA scan. I am due for it anyway. I am hoping it has nothing to do with my heart but it is a possible side effect from the herceptin so they have to check it out.

I am seeing the plastic surgeon on Thursday. We are supposed to schedule the exchange surgery at that time. The exchange surgery is when they remove the tissue expander and put a breast implant in. I am worried about that surgery. The surgery I had to put the expander in was the worst one of all of them. I am worried this may turn out to be a repeat of that. It will mean I can't pick Julianna up for some time. I will be happy to get the tissue expander out because it hurts all the time and I am very lopsided, but, I am not looking to repeat the last experience.

Even though I am thrilled that the chemo is over I wish all the treatment were finished. I keep waiting to look and feel like my regular self and it is not happening yet. My blood counts are still low too. I am hoping they come up soon and that it will give me a bit of energy.

Thanks everyone for all the help, encouragement and understanding.

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