Monday, April 19, 2010

Four Weeks Since Last Chemo

Today it is four weeks since I had the last chemo. I am slowly progressing. I am enjoying spring, Julianna and life in general. I am able to do more than the doctor thinks I can do but less than I think I can do.

I am still having some side effects. I am having a lot of pain in my right arm. I always got joint pain after each chemo but this has not resolved. I brought it up to the doctor. I said it is freaking me out because my Mother's primary bone cancer mets were her arm and her neck. He said it is extremely unlikely for cancer to recur or advance during chemo or herceptin treatment. Whew! However, my arm seems to be getting progressively worse. I did plant a lot yesterday and I always pick Julianna up. Maybe it has nothing to do with the cancer, chemo or the surgery. It would be nice to just have tennis elbow or something completely unrelated.

I am going to go to the breast surgeon for a six month follow up soon. She may be able to tell me if the arm problem is anything (lymphadema?) or if I should go see an orthopedist. I will be happy to see Dr. Kostroff. She was awesome.

My sense of taste is coming back slowly. I am enjoying that! I still have a few mouth sores but they are getting to be smaller and smaller. I couldn't eat a lot of things and I am starting to want to try them again. Food is pretty good!!

My hair is doing really great. I still lose some strands when I wash it or brush it but it is getting to be less and less. The Penguin Cold Caps really do work! I was pretty skeptical myself. I knew if I didn't do it I had 100% chance of losing my hair, but I had some chance of it working if I tried it. The people in my chemo office said it would never work. They are surprised. I wish more people knew about it.

Today when I was driving on lunch I opened all the windows in the car and my hair blew around until it was quite unruly. It sure is nice to have hair!

Thanks everyone!!

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