Friday, January 11, 2013


Jack is doing ok but he continues to have periods of apnea, bradycardia and oxygen desaturations. They generally get him going again with minimal stimulation. Occassionally he needs his oxygen increased or a quick ventilation. He is over 3 pounds now.

I am having a lot of trouble trying to get him closer to home. The hospital in Arkansas agreed to release him. The hospital here agreed to take him. The air ambulance and neonatal transport team is set up. The problem is that I don't have his social security card yet. He is on my insurance as a newborn but not yet in his name. In order to get him on in his name I need his birth certificate (I finally  got that) and his social security card. I have not yet received his social security card. I applied for it through the hospital.

I called social security to see what is happening. I was on hold for over an hour. When I finally got a person he told me he couldn't do anything for me. I told him I just wanted to know if it was mailed or if they actually received the application. He couldn't say. If I go to social security I need his birth certificate and proof of identity. They consider a medical record proof of identity for a newborn. The problem with that is that the hospital has him under Tierney's last name and they will not change a name once it is listed in a name. The birth certificate has him as my last name.

So Jack is stuck in Arkansas do to a social security issue. I am hoping to get it fixed ASAP. Ugghhhhh.

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