Friday, January 25, 2013

Bad Night

The hospital called me last night to tell me that Jack had a really bad heart rate drop and stopped breathing. The ventilated him and were able to get him started again. His oxygen will now be at 3 liters per minute. He was having a feed at the time and they think it happened because of his reflux. They put the TPTN line back in so he will not get feeds into his stomach and he is going to get them into his intestine again.

So he pretty much lost all the progress he had made and has moved pretty far backward. I am hoping he can get it all back again soon.  I just wish he could stabilize and stop losing ground every time he gains a bit. I also wish I could hug him. It is such a bummer that he is going through so much without his Momma there. I do call constantly and they call me. In fact they called last night after 11 pm. It is pretty scary to see them calling so late at night because I know there is no way it is good news.

Please continue to keep Jack in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks everyone for all the support.

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