Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting Nowhere with SS

So, my frustration is growing. I spoke to a woman from social security in Little Rock , Ark. She advised me that it appears that the hospital tried to apply Jack for a social security number but forgot to put an address on the application.

She told me that she would fax some necessary information to the social security office here in Mineola, NY and that I should go there today. I did. I waited two hours with a bunch of smelly people who are not too up on the American culture pertaining to hygiene. When I finally got up to the woman I explained the situation to her and she went into the back to see if there had been any faxes. She returned to tell me there had not been any.

I left there and returned to work where I proceeded to call Freda, the woman from the Little Rock, Ark social security office. She told me it appears the FAX never went through, but also that she thought she needed more information from the hospital social worker. I asked her if she could FAX the information to me directly. She said they would not accept that. They don't accept faxed copies but they would if it came from another social security office. She told me NOT to go back today, but to go back tomorrow.

Just after I got off the phone with social security one of Jack's doctors offices called. They said they are trying to get insurance payment and he does not have insurance. I explained the whole situation to her and asked if she could send some type of medical document or bill in Jack's name. She said she didn't think she could do that due to legal issues. I advised her not to expect payment from me then. Legally speaking I must not be responsible. The attorney did tell me that I am not responsible if it is the hospital policy that is causing him not to have insurance and they refuse to make and changes to assist me.

Next I spoke to a woman from the hospital social work department. She said they can't change any policies in any way but they may be able to send me a letter of live birth and possibly a progress report stating his gestational age and weight. She thinks she may be able to get it to me with his last name as my last name. If that actually happens it would be a huge score and it should work. It has to be mailed since social security will not accept any faxed copies, except from another social security office.

I am hoping to have something change soon so I can get him transferred here. He is pretty much the same but I get annoyed because I do not feel like they give me too much information when I call about him. I called today and they nurse was out for awhile so I have to call back later. Also, I have NEVER heard from the doctor. Not once. I have asked the nurses to have the doctor call me but it has never happened. I have also asked what time the doctors round so I can call at that time but they tell me it can be any time. When I was down there the doctor was also there and I asked to speak to him. It was the day I was leaving and I was in a rush to make the plane. The nurse went and asked the doctor and he said sorry, I won't go out of order. So since Jack was at the end of the hall I had to leave there before he could see Jack or I would have missed my plane. I really want him closer to home so I can see him all the time, be more involved in his care and be informed about his care. None of these things are happening where he is.

So that is the saga for today. I hope to have better news to report soon.

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